Since 1930

Corby of Windsor is an iconic brand of Britain, starting life as John Corby Limited in England in 1930 as a manufacturer of valet stands.  Later improvements included the addition of a pressing area and the first Corby trouser press was launched. These subsequently became electrically heated during the 1960's, and the Corby Trouser Press we know and love today was born. After a period in Andover, Hampshire, in 2009 John Corby Limited became part of Fired Up Corporation Ltd and the company relocated to Huddersfield.

We are proud of our long and extraordinary history. It's part of our identity and part of what makes us unique. We continue to manufacture the world famous trouser press at home in the United Kingdom, along with a wide range of high quality in-room amenities for the hotel, commercial and leisure industries.

And after over 80 years serving the gentlemen of Great Britain, along with the world’s premium hotels, Corby of Windsor continues to make our trouser presses, and many other products, at our UK headquarters in Huddersfield and to remain committed to the highest levels of quality and service.