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The Corby 7700 Trouser Press. The 7700 features a thermostatic temperature control, self-adjusting section for turn-ups & a knee wrinkle stretcher to remove those wrinkles from the back of knee. Finished in maple wood grain effect to add that touch of class.

The Corby 7700 Trouser Press in Maple

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Product Features

Finish: Maple with black trim
Press Settings: 15, 30 and 45 minute settings
Fitting: Freestanding unit, or can be wall mounted
Extras: Comes complete with feet, coin tray, jacket hanger & wall mounting fixtures
Features: Thermostat, Automatic cut off, Manual cancel option & LED countdown timer

Dimensions (mm):
Freestanding with hanger: H:1095 x W:465 x D:355
Freestanding without hanger: H:980 x W:415 x D:330
Wall Mounted: H: 940 x W:415 x D:115
Freestanding with hanger: H:1095 x W:465 x D:480
Freestanding without hanger: H:980 x W:415 x D:455
Wall Mounted: H:940 x W:415 x D:345

Key Measurements

  mm inches
Height: 1095 43.11
Width: 465 18.31
Depth: 355 13.98
  kg lb
Weight: 10.50 23.15

Frequently Asked Questions

  •   Why is the trouser press causing wrinkles in the wrong places?

    We recommend running the press on its longest setting whilst empty and allowing the press to cool and contract - repeat this process 2 or 3 times. Then any slack in the fabric should be removed.

  •  Why is there no heat from the unit?

    It is most likely that the heater element has broken. Unfortunately this is a non-serviceable part as this is a sealed unit. There is a three year warranty on this product which customers can claim on or if it is outside of this time constraint a new unit may be necessary.

  •  Why does the power light not go out?

    This is usual, whenever the press is powered the light will be lit, the only way to deactivate this feature is to switch off or unplug from the mains.

  •  What type of screws are needed to fix the hanger to the trouser press?

    You will need two 5/8 inch No.8 pan head self tapping screws.

  •  What is the depth of the trouser press when fully open??

    Our trouser presses measure 330mm when fully open.

  •  Where is the serial number located on the trouser press??

    The serial number can be found underneath the press.

  •  The arms on my new trouser press are stiffer than my previous model, why is this?

    The arms for opening and closing a Corby Trouser Press become gradually looser and freer over time, meaning that you might well find the arms to be stiff on a new model if you are used to operating one that is several years old. This is nothing to worry about and not a fault with the press.

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